Research & Impact


NuME shall develop and release quality protein maize varieties for diverse agro-ecologies in Ethiopia. For details, regions and targets, please see NuME Annual Reports and Project Implementation Plans.

Agronomy and Nutrition

Extension workers and farmers shall be trained on good agronomic practices in relation to QPM, and its nutritional benefits. See our capacity-building strategy on page 35 of our Project Implementation Plan.

Gender and Impact assessment

Women and children are a particular target for NuME since women are primarily responsible for feeding the family and caring for children, and young children are the most vulnerable to malnutrition. Therefore, gender-responsive approaches and impact assessment are an interwoven and integral part of NuME’s research. See NuME’s Gender Strategy as well as the project monitoring and reporting section in page 40 of our Project Implementation Plan

The NuME Project is funded by Global Affairs Canada.